Manuscript Preparation


Manuscript should be written in English which generally consists of title, author affiliation, abstract, keywords, introduction, body, conclusions and references. A paper may also include appendixes and an acknowledgement. Abstract should be limited to 100-200 words and should concisely state the content of the paper. The abstract will appear later in various journal indexes. Authors must use SI units and internationally recognized terminology and symbols. Authors should clearly identify subscripts, superscripts, Greek letters and other symbols. Where appropriate, other units may be put in brackets after the SI units. For example: “The temperature was 300 K (27 C)”. A numbered reference must be provided at the end of the paper in the order of citation in the text not in alphabetical order. Each reference should be enclosed by square brackets as [ ].  All graphics and figure in good quality should be attached directly in the body of paper.  Final journal will be in B5 format however, for review process, manuscripts should be prepared in A4 (210mm x 297mm) with 1.5 spaced.  Electronic paper submission is preferred trough journal online paper submission or via e-mail to the secretariat.  The font ‘Times New Roman’ of size 12 points should be used. For Greek letters and symbols, the font ’symbol’ should be used. Do not try to modify printed characters. Upon acceptance, a formatted version will be sent to author for read proof.

Template of manuscript can be downloaded from here pdf or doc


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